We Are Busy Bodies

Photos by David Waldman


Brand Strategy

We Are Busy Bodies has worked with a range of stakeholders, including NGO’s, charities and brands to help craft a unique brand strategy for each, including how it can leverage music and entertainment to reach the intended targeted audiences. Our company works to create a well-defined and executable brand strategy, ensuring that both short-term and long-term objectives are clearly identified, and that all elements of the stakeholder’s vision are reflected.


Entertainment & Cultural Planning

With over 20 years of curating experience, we have worked with all scenarios presented, including music festivals, film festivals, brand activations, pop-up events and corporate events. We are experienced at working within budget to help develop programming that reflects the needs of the event, taking care of every step along the way to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.


Event Management

We Are Busy Bodies specializes in music, entertainment and cultural event production and management. We began as a concert promotion company, primarily focused on programming events in Toronto, before expanding to other cities across Canada. The scope of the company has evolved over time to include a range of event types, and in the process we began producing events, both big and small, for an expanding roster of partners.

Grant Writing

We Are Busy Bodies is experienced in writing grants for programs including, but not limited to, Industrial Research and Assistance (IRAP), CanExport, CME-Smart Program, Export Access, Yves Landry - AIME Initiative and many other programs offering grants, loans and assistance across Canada for almost every business sector. 


We create meaningful partnerships for your company. Our process is collaborative in identifying the best mutually beneficial opportunities - for brands, for artists, for events and organizations.

Artist Consulting

With over 20 years of music industry experience, we’ve have seen quite a bit and been involved in even more. During this time, company owner, Eric Warner has spent many years mentoring artists and offering consulting services specific to their needs. Establishing goals and being proactive is integral, but often overlooked. While there is no tried and tested formula for success, we can help you understand the music industry and its quirks, various granting systems, how to plan and be strategic for the best chance of success.

Eric has been a featured speaker at universities and festivals sharing his experiences as an authority on youth involvement in the arts and entertainment industry, artist management, music marketing, event planning and a range of interrelated topics. He has been featured in a range of publications and platforms, including Maclean’s, The Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post, CBC Television and Radio, and CityTV. He continues to act as a mentor to university and high school students interested in careers within the music industry and as a networking resource.